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5 Easy Mailto Link Generator: Create HTML Email Links with our Free Online Tool

Easy Mailto Link Generator: Create HTML Email Links with our Free Online Tool

The Mailto Link Generator simplifies creating clickable email links. It takes the user’s email address and generates code for insertion into a website or document. The primary uses are for convenience and efficiency. With a few clicks, users can generate a link that opens the default email client with a pre-filled recipient address. This eliminates the need to manually type or copy-paste an email address, saving time and reducing errors. Mailto link generators are common in websites, especially on contact pages or when providing an email for customer inquiries. They also find use in documents like resumes or business proposals, enhancing the user experience and providing an easy way for contact. Overall, Mailto link generators streamline email communication and enhance user experience.


You can access pre-generated HTML code specifically designed for use with custom HTML pages at this location.

A mailto link is an HTML hyperlink allowing users to compose an email by clicking it, providing a quick method without additional software. Key features include pre-populating the subject and body by adding “subject” and “body” query parameters to the link’s URL. This fills the user’s email client automatically. Mailto links also support “cc” and “bcc” query parameters for carbon copy recipients, visible to all, and blind carbon copy recipients, hidden. This is useful for sending emails to large groups while keeping email addresses confidential. Mailto links with subject, body, bcc, and cc offer a simple way for users to send emails from web browsers.

Single recipient

CC stands for “Carbon Copy,” forwarding the communication to designated recipients, e.g., Note that including multiple recipients in the CC field may not function reliably; one recipient is recommended for optimal performance.

An example of a mailto link with pre-filled subject and body helps users compose emails quickly. Default text simplifies communication, especially for repetitive emails like customer support inquiries or job applications. For instance, a customer support team can provide a mailto link with “Support Request” in the subject and troubleshooting instructions in the body. Similarly, job applications can pre-fill the subject with the job title and the body with a standard cover letter template. This streamlines communication, enhances user experience, and saves time.

Spaces and other special Characters 

Spaces provide clarity and readability by separating words, sentences, and paragraphs. Special characters, including punctuation marks, symbols, and formatting characters, add depth and expression to writing. Using them correctly demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail, improving the overall quality of our communication.

The Mailto Link Code Generator creates clickable email links without manual entry of the recipient’s email address. It generates HTML code for the Mailto link, especially beneficial for web developers adding email functionality to websites. Developers enter the recipient’s email address, subject line, and body text, and the generator produces code for easy copy-pasting onto the website. This saves time, especially for those unfamiliar with HTML coding. The generator also allows inclusion of CC and BCC recipients, enhancing its versatility. It’s a valuable tool for web developers improving email communication on websites.

The Email Link Generator is a useful tool that helps users create clickable email links quickly and easily. With this tool, you can generate HTML code that can be inserted into your website or email signature, allowing others to easily click on the link and send you an email directly. This eliminates the need for users to manually copy and paste your email address, saving them time and effort. In addition, the Email Link Generator gives you the option to customize the link text, so you can choose to display your email address or any other desired text. This tool is especially beneficial for businesses or individuals who frequently share their email addresses online and want to make it as convenient as possible for others to contact them. Overall, the Email Link Generator is a user-friendly and efficient solution for creating clickable email links. 

How to add multiple email recipients

To add multiple email recipients, follow these simple steps. First, compose your email as usual. Once finished, locate the “To” field or the “Add Recipient” option, usually at the top of the email composition window. Next, enter the email addresses of the intended recipients, separating each address with a comma. Double-check the addresses for accuracy to ensure the message reaches the right recipients. Once all recipients are added, proceed to send your email. Adding multiple email recipients is a helpful way to communicate with multiple people, be it for work or personal reasons.

Creating a mailto link online is a straightforward way to make it easier for users to send you email. Open a text or HTML editor, type “mailto:” followed by your email address (e.g., “”). Highlight the email address and create a link using the anchor tag. It should look like this: Email Me. Customize the link text as desired. After creating the link, add it to your website or any online platform supporting HTML. This allows visitors to click the link, automatically opening their email client with a new message addressed to you. Providing a mailto link offers user convenience while maintaining a professional tone.

Mailto is an incredible tool for easily creating email templates with hyperlinks, streamlining the process of composing personalized emails. It generates predefined email drafts with embedded clickable links, saving time by automating repetitive tasks. Its intuitive interface enhances accessibility, accommodating users with diverse levels of technical proficiency. Whether for personal or professional use, Mailto offers versatile applications, from personalized invitations to marketing newsletters. Tailoring email templates with hyperlinks enhances communication by effortlessly directing recipients to specific websites or resources, promoting efficiency in email communication.

The Magic of Multiple Recipients

Including multiple recipients can significantly enhance communication, allowing efficient dissemination of information to a group. Reaching multiple recipients at once accelerates tasks, increasing productivity and fostering collaboration. Shared knowledge and instant connection are powerful tools for teamwork. Multiple recipients reduce the risk of miscommunication and encourage transparency and inclusivity within the team. Everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the conversation, turning a simple message into a catalyst for collaboration, unity, and progress.

Get started with a free plan

We offer you the opportunity to start with our platform’s free plan, allowing exploration of its features and benefits without initial financial commitment. It’s a great way to become familiar with our tools and assess their suitability for your needs. The free plan provides access to a limited set of features via our user-friendly interface. We understand the importance of finding the right solution for your business and aim to ensure a risk-free trial. Sign up for our free plan today and experience the value it offers. Once you’ve experienced the benefits, you may choose to upgrade to our paid plan for additional features and capabilities, unlocking our platform’s full potential.

Creating a mailto link in HTML is a simple and effective way to facilitate email interactions for users. To create one, use the anchor tag () and specify the href attribute with the email address you want the link to open. For example: Email me. Optionally, include other attributes like subject and body to pre-fill those fields in the email. When a user clicks the mailto link, their email client will open with the specified email address pre-filled, ready to compose a message. Note that the mailto link relies on the user’s email client configuration and may not always function as intended. Nonetheless, it’s a user-friendly and convenient way to encourage email communication on your website.


What is the purpose of a Mailto link?

A Mailto link is used to create hyperlinks that, when clicked, open the user’s default email client with pre-filled “To,” “Subject,” and “Body” fields.

Can I send emails to multiple recipients using a Mailto link?

Yes, you can include multiple email addresses in a Mailto link, separated by commas, to send emails to multiple recipients in one click.

Are Mailto links compatible with all email clients?

Mailto links generally work with most email clients. However, some web-based email clients may have limitations in handling them.

Can I customize the subject and body of the email in a Mailto link?

Absolutely. You can customize the subject and body of the email in a Mailto link to provide context or specific instructions to the recipient.

Is it possible to style Mailto links in HTML?

Yes, you can style Mailto links using CSS to match the design of your website or application for a cohesive look and feel.

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